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Collective Ethics

A Note on What We Do Not/Cannot Do
Any person highlighted in our collective offer what they do based on their own scope of practice. If they are licensed to offer prescriptions or have completed training to sit for psychedelics, they may offer that based on their state/agreement with individuals. 
Baba Yaga Collective is not responsible for any individual provider/client dynamics, challenges, or legal issues. However, please do email if you have a challenge with anything on this site or provider you have connected with. We will do our best to support conversation around it. 
As a collective we Do Not: 
- Offer access to or prescribe any illegal substances 
- Change or influence a health plan prescribed by a PCP or Specialist
Stance on Safety and Psychedelics
While more and more is happening with decriminalization and legalization of entheogens, we wish to support the integration and community/resource building process if people wish to access this experience on their own.
We (perhaps ironically) take a relatively conservative approach when people seek out the psychedelic experience. We ask that they speak with a medical provider to ensure they do not have contraindications; we offer that connecting with a therapist ahead of time is important; we suggest that they connect with local communities or providers who can recommend a safer 'sitter' or group to be with; we believe the preparation, intention setting, and integration process is often much longer and more critical than a few days or weeks or even months (this is the juicy area we like to support with). 
Long story short: We wish to support you in the trajectory that you are called to follow; We don't offer access to anything illicit; We wish you safety in the process! 

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