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Who We Are: 

We are a group of people who are parents, musicians, artists, farmers, practitioners, builders, and the list goes on. One thing that connects us is a string of intention and integrity that pulls us along and guides us in making spaces to connect and learn with each other. That's it! Here we are. 

What we do: 

We have skills and wish to share those skills. We are looking to build our networks stronger. To better do this we have created/promoted some spaces in person (in the Portland, OR area) and virtually to offer:

  • 'Unschooling' classes for families and humans of any age

  • Community spaces to focus on psychedelic integration

  • Opportunities to visit farms and be in nature

  • Classes to learn skills 

  • Opportunities to move and heal 

Community as the "Teacher" 

One thing that we feel and often hear is "I wish we had been taught how to (...communicate; love; set boundaries; grieve; heal...). At the Baba Yaga Collective, we are learning. We are Peers learning together and weaving the fragments we each hold into an elaborate map and quilt to help guide us. We also (often) do not have ways to find teachers with ease/accessibility. Let's have community be one! There is a great talk by Thupten Jinpa on "Finding a Teacher" that sums up the dynamism of learning communities well.


Love and appreciate Ruth Donovan for the beautiful Art below <3  

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