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Welcome to the Baba Yaga Collective.

Hi! I am Emily. Welcome to the Baba Yaga Collective. 


The mission behind Baba Yaga Collective is to weave a web of support as structures change. Creating safer spaces in accessible ways to make sense of what may feel overwhelming. As capitalist, patriarchal, dominant structures crumble, we are looking for community, we are looking for support, we are looking to rebuild. But we can't do this alone, and that's where Baba Yaga Collective comes in.

What you can find here: 

  • A website with a growing referral network of folks offering sliding-scale and more accessible support

  • A free 30-min consultation to see how our growing network can support. 

  • A zine (two seasons strong!)

  • An evolving dream! A dream of collective care and accessible support. 

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